Frequently Asked Questions

Dynamic Stone Care Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Stone Polishing and Restoration cause a mess?

A: Our friendly and professional stone care members treat your home as if we were in our own home. With care, dignity and cleanliness. We will never leave a mess in your home. Water is used for a majority of our services to eliminate dust.

Q: What do you do with our furniture while the services are being performed?

A: We will move all furniture necessary but to an extent. Our friendly staff can maneuver around certain furniture like tables, chairs and sofas. Furniture that is built in or too dangerous for our staff to move will not be moved due to safety and liability reasons. We do recommend that you vacate small tables and other personal items from your furniture prior to service to make our process efficient.

Q: Do you charge for estimates?

A: No. Estimates are free of charge

Q: Once service is complete, do I have to have maintenance service done for upkeep?

A: Natural Stone does require routine maintenance for cleaning and sealing to keep your stone looking great. Marble for example; been used to line walls, floors, and counters in homes and businesses. It is dense, tough, and hard to damage. Over time though, wear and tear on the marble will appear. It is a porous stone so that means liquids that are spilled on it will be absorbed. Marble can also be chipped by being handled the wrong way or by striking it; so maintenance and restoration will be an expense down the line if maintaining it is a priority. However, if proper precautions are taken, that price can be affordable. Here at Dynamic Stone Care, we offer maintenance packages to fit your needs and budget. Ask your Dynamic Stone Care agent for details.

Q: Is it possible to get stains in my natural stone if it is sealed?

A: You may still get stains even when your stone is sealed. Most of the spots you find from everyday use are actually “etches” not “stains.” Etches are usually caused from things such as citric acid, alcohol, hairspray, vinegar, and bleach. They’ll look like colorless dull spots. Stains are discolorations inside the stone that are caused by oils and dark liquids, like wine and ink. In many cases these stains can be removed – occasionally they cannot.

Q: Do you quote by the square foot?

A: No. We have found it to be impossible to price every service by the square foot. Most services are quoted based on how long it will take to complete the service.

Q: Will placing a rug over my marble floor harm It?

A: Using a rug for protection of the floor is a good idea. But, keep in mind, some rugs have plastic backing and or rubber that can stretch the surface of the floor over time. We recommend not using those types of rugs.

Q: Can I maintain my own natural stone?

A: There are many cleaners out there on the market. Some of these products are very effective while others may not give the best results. Some restoration procedures are time consuming or involved that you would most likely not be able to properly restore it. Dynamic Stone Care has professionals with years of experience in the industry and the proper equipment to restore the natural stone. Let us take care of your stone so your natural stone and marble will always remain beautiful. We are here for you.

“Lend us 1% of your confidence & we will deliver the other 99% polished & sealed!”

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